sculpture making video from Greg Pearson on Vimeo.


I am an emerging sculptor based in Effingham in Surrey. Brought up in a heavily influential design and art family setting, I have grown a passion for abstract shapes and natural form. I now love creating unique garden and outdoor features working almost exclusively in metal ā€“ mostly steel.

I seek inspiration from all types of gardens and settings, and favour the theme of using single lengths of material to create sculptures with unique and provoking shapes and forms, not purposely based on any existing flower or plant ā€“ instead creating new ones, to fill the imaginary void in ones garden flowerbed! All of my sculptures are completely handmade, cold hand bent and shaped by eye, no former is used. This lets all pieces be unique and have a natural organic feel.

I am always creating new work and ideas, but Iā€™m happy to recreate my original designs and accept new commissions. Almost all pieces can be made in varied materials such as stainless steel, or rusty mild steel.

If you would like to contact me for any reason such as buying work, viewing, commissions or general enquiries just email or phone:

CONTACT ā€“ 07894513955. If I do not reply to an email please check the address or try calling instead.



All my work is for sale, I can take orders for bespoke variations of almost everything you see on my sculptures or instagram page, or new designs! Things can be tailored to your request in size, material etc. If you see something you like please get in touch for more info, just send a quick email!